Company Ekip 5
was founded in 2005. in the city of Bourgas, Bulgaria, with subject of activity: Design, construction, installation, repair and reconstruction of objects in the chemical, machine building, food industry, energy, social, sports and others. Performing objects on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. With its tremendous experience over the years, Ekip 5 has established itself in the industry as uncompromising in the quality performance of many objects of a different nature: industrial buildings; metal constructions; industrial installations: fire-fighting systems, high-pressure gas installations, reservoir parks, process pipelines, highway pipelines. Production and installation of metal structures. Construction of industrial halls and buildings on a modular basis. It has the necessary production and human resources to implement objects, regardless of their size and complexity. The company has one base located on the territory of Burgas. The principle of work in the company is correctness and quality, which is contributed by the specialists who work in it. They are highly qualified with years of experience and proven opportunities. Over the years, the company has established itself in the industry - many objects of various nature have been built: industrial installations: fire-fighting systems, high-pressure gas installations, reservoir parks, technological pipelines, highway pipelines. An individual approach to each client is applied, understanding and satisfying its requirements and needs. Ensure maximum security and protection of the client's interests at every stage of the implementation of engineering projects. Priority in work is long-lasting professional relationships - as a guarantee of success and stable development. The company is a member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria, observing all requirements and recommendations in the construction activity.

Design and execution of prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete structures.

Design, reprojection, production and installation of all types of steel structures of prefabricated and sheet steel, for technological protuberances, pipelines, industrial halls, workshops, etc.

Full engineering of reservoirs, reservoir parks, pressure vessels, working design based on the provided basic project

Full engineering of automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Preparation of all types of pipelines in isometric drawings of black, alloyed and high alloyed steels for low, medium and high pressure

Installation of pipelines until the finishing of installations and commissioning, including underground steel pipelines with ALTENE insulation

Manufacture and installation of all kinds of pipe supports

Installation of pipeline fittings

Installation of technological equipment including:

dynamic equipment - pumps, compressors and others

static equipment - heating furnaces, air coolers, heat exchangers, interior hull equipment, roller and cylindrical tanks and pressure vessels